Celtic Hound Ministries

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Course Catalog

Bible and Exegesis

OT100 - Intro to Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures)

NT100 - Intro to New Testament (Greek Scriptures)


WP400 - Intro to Liturgy and Sacrament

Mission and Evangelism

EM100 - Intro to Contemporary Evangelism

Denominational Studies
PH100 - Presbyterian Heritage

PH300 - Theology of John Calvin

PH200 - Presbyterian Polity

PH400 - Intro to Reformed Worship

Spiritual Formation / Catechetical
SF 100 - Introduction to the Bible



Spiritual Direction

SD200 - Foundations of Spirituality and Theological Reflection

SD400 - Spiritual Direction and Practicum

SD100 - History of Christian Spirituality

SD300 - Biblical Interpretation in Spiritual Direction

SD500 - Spiritual Direction Final Assessment


Ruling Elder and Deacon - (Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

RED100 - Presbyterian Heritage

RED200 - Presbyterian Polity

RED300 - Presbyterian Confessions and Theology

RED400 - Applied Missiology

RED500 - Final Assessment