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Information on the CHM Directed Studies Program

Course Catalog
The CHM Directed Studies Program (DSP) can help people further their understanding of mission and leadership in the Church universal  and help equip them for the ministry in their context. Our Program (DSP) allows people to begin, continue, or complete their education through on-line course work. They will receive the guidance of the CHM Executive Director or Dean who will assist them in choosing courses that will best meet their own goals, whether they are... 

  • Currently working toward a degree from a seminary
  • Earning a certificate in a specific area of study through CHM
  • Studying topics of personal interest at their own pace 

 DSP course catalog

Certificate Programs

For those who want particular training, but cannot make a commitment to on-campus study, CHM offers certificates in several areas of study. Each certificate is earned by successfully completing the required units of  courses which include a practical application component. The certificate programs are available to high school graduates of all ages.
We want to help you attain your goal! Courses in our catalog are equivalent to three units , meaning the student is committing 6 hours a week to their studies, write roughly 30-50 pages for the course, and read approximately 300 pages (minimum).


Tuition is $200 per course, plus costs for assigned books. If the course or certificate program is part of a partnership between CHM and a church or a governing council (presbytery, conference, synod, diocese), the tuition may be lower.

Withdrawal Policy

Registration with CHM is considered a contract binding the student for the entire semester. Many commitments of the School are based upon the enrollment anticipated at the beginning of the semester.

If a student wishes to withdraw from all of their courses, this is considered a 'Complete Withdrawal' from the program.

To officially withdraw, students must request a withdrawal from the Dean.

If after counseling with the Dean the student withdrawals within two weeks of course commencement, ¾ of tuition will be refunded. If a student fails to post three times without reason or communicating to the proctor, the student will be expelled and tuition will not be refunded.

Students after counseling with the Dean, proctor, or Executive Director, may withdraw from a course and restart again within a year without any tuition forfeiture.

Student Support

Students are provided support electronically, by phone, or if possible, in person. Questions are usually addressed within 24 hours. Although the program is administered on-line, the proctor also serves as the 'e-community' moderator and project manager. They will answer questions, and as needed will include replies to the students’ postings or provide counsel.


CHM values accountability and has sought out processes to ensure that our educational practices are acceptable, typically meaning that we are competent to instruct third parties, behave ethically, and employ suitable quality assurance. CHM has explored the quality standard certification by the United States Distance Learning Association for its certificate programs (e.g. Spiritual Direction: the field of spiritual direction and spiritual direction education do not have an accrediting certification body in the United States). CHM also  utilizes the best practices of related programs with membership in the United States Distance Learning Association and Spiritual Directors International. 

CHM desires to partner with particular churches and religious judicatories, as well as accredited educational institutions and seminaries that are members of the Association of Theological Schools. Particular  courses and programs offered on CHM On-Line may be eligible for credit at a partnering seminary, as well as may be accredited and under the oversight of a partnering judicatories. 

If a student desires to receive academic or professional C.E.Us, before enrolling in a particular CHM course or program,  the student is responsible for contacting the crediting body. CHM will work with the student and academic or professional body, provide any needed information, and CHM is open to adjusting particular courses to meet the academic or professional bodies requirements for the individual student.

 Entry Requirements

Admission is open to individuals, lay or ordained, who are active members of a Christian body which confesses the faith related in the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds. It is expected the candidate will be a self-motivated learner Admission to the program is granted when the following steps have been completed: 

A completed application submitted on-line.  If the course is part of a partnering educational program, earlier application is encouraged because the size of a class is limited and may be closed before the deadline. 
A $50 application fee, which will be applied to your tuition if accepted. (Checks need to be made out to Celtic Hound Ministries. CHM also takes credit cards through Paypal. Question, Contact the Executive Director.)

  • A statement detailing educational background, work experience, Christian journey, involvement in church and Christian service, and interest in the program.
  • Two letters of reference, one pastoral and one personal.
  • An interview with one of the proctors. Upon receipt of application you will be contacted for an interview. 
  •  Application will be considered fulfilled when the Dean of the School receives: all of the above.

 Application Review

The Dean of the School in consultation with the CHM Executive Director and proctors will review the applicants who have submitted a complete application by the due date and will contact the applicants as to their matriculation into the program.

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